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Story time! Let me illustrate for you just how resilient 2020 wedding couples have been… If there was a couple who had a roller coaster of a ride in planning a 2020 wedding, it was Merrill + Ben. First, their engagement session was affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns in Washington state. When we were finally […]

In a previous blog post, I talked about ideas for folks who were facing challenges during 2020 wedding planning because of COVID-19. One of those ideas – and my personal favorite because it meant that I would get to celebrate with a couple twice – was to have a smaller ceremony or elopement on or […]

  When Raechel + Nick first reached out to me about photographing their wedding, they shared a friggin’ adorable proposal story, how much they love the outdoors, and how awesome their dog, Violet, is. Then, we talked about the fact that their venue was The Orchard in Hood River – a dream venue with a […]

  There’s a lot of misconceptions about elopements out there. Two of the biggest ones: 1) Elopements last only a maximum of two hours, and 2) Elopements are only ever a no frills courthouse event or an outdoor backpacking trip through the mountains. Welp, I’m here to tell you, folks: Elopements are so much more […]

I want to start this by saying right off the bat: Your wedding is just that – your wedding. No matter what anyone tells you and no matter the points listed below, you should always do what feels most genuine and true to you and your partner. That said, I often have couples who are […]

With the majority of weddings I had scheduled through July postponing, this spring has been a whole lot more quiet than usual. That said, it’s been really fun knocking out some (safe and socially distanced) engagement sessions during this time. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of the whole experience I create for […]

What times we live in. COVID-19 has changed the way we all work, play, communicate, move through the world….the way we live. Some of that change may even be permanent – hopefully all the positive bits, where we value our connections with people more, support each other in meaningful ways, and help heal our planet. […]

In-home engagement sessions have really started taking off over the last year, and there’s good reason. These sessions are so much fun, and it allows you as a couple to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own space. Plus, for lots of people, their home is the space in which they spend most of their […]